Why Animated Explainer Videos Work for Startups?

The best thing to happen to startups companies has been explainer videos. Not only to them, but to the marketing world in general. These highly engaging and entertaining audio visual commercials are the best way for anyone to get their brand known, not just startups. Millions of people have been using animated explainer videos to tell potential clients all about their services or products. There are even every day people who use them as a way to promote their websites or make money. But some of the biggest benefactors from explainer videos are companies just starting up.

A great explainer video can turn out to be the gateway that catapults your company or brand to the next level. Consumers today are visual learners which is why video visual ads are so well received and beneficial. Any business can easily and quickly demonstrate what their services or products can do for those looking for answers to their problems. Unfortunately, some startups become hesitant when it comes to creating an explainer video. The pricing is always an issue since they know how much marketing and advertising can cost. However, that is not the case when it comes to product explainer videos. In truth, you don’t need to spend that much money to have a top rated explainer video made. Also, there is no need to purchase any expensive equipment either. All of these factors are what have made visual adverts so popular.

When it comes to great explainer videos, there are several options available for those interested. In addition to the highly popular and effective whiteboard explainer videos, there are others. Some people choose to create their audio visual online commercials using the live action format. Then there are those who rather utilize the screencast or 3D types. Irrespective of what type of explainer video you choose to go with, they can all render similar results. What matters the most is which one is best for your particular company or brand.

The past few years, explainer videos have become one of the most effective tools in the world of marketing strategies. They deliver some of the best ROI when it comes to ads. Plus, they are also great for bringing visitors to your site and turning them into conversions and sales. Companies or individuals may be hesitant about using an explainer video for their landing pages or website. But, all they need to do is look at the stats. The statistics behind the power and efficiency of a well-made explainer video are astounding.

Recent studies and surveys prove just how valuable these audio visuals are. According to data, over 89% of consumers chose to buy a service or product after they watched an explainer video. At the same time, those people also trusted the company 53% more because of the video. Part of the astronomical benefit great product or services explainer videos have, is what they provide.

Consumers are searching for a solution to their problem. These people are looking for answers and need something or someone to solve it for them. That in itself is the concept behind a tutorial or explainer video. The purpose is for a company or person to show the problem and provide the viewer with a solution. Moreover, by using animation or other forms of visual audio ads, the startup can connect with their potential audience better than other forms of content. Statistics on explainer videos show that consumers tend to hold on to the info they see and hear visually better than the one they read.

As a startup company, you can choose to go with an animated explainer video or another kind. No matter which one you select, this video allows you to engage your targeted audience with precision. Typically, b2b explainer videos or company explainer videos are about 1 to 2 minutes long. Some are as short as 30 seconds in length. In that short time, you can relay your message to the consumer easily, quickly and efficiently.

Video visual ads are great for startups because they are mobile compatible. Today, most people are using mobile devices to shop online. At the same time, the audio visual ads are also much easier to understand than other forms of content. Videos are capable of captivating your audience and keeping them entertained. This is why many people create funny explainer videos or with some humor in them. Using that bit of humor allows them to not only entertain their viewers, but also connect with them at a personal level.

Perhaps the most important reason for any company to use explainer videos is because of their conversion power. Companies all over the world have seen their revenues increase tremendously after using an explainer video. Startups such as DollarShaveClub and Dropbox are perfect examples. Both witnessed significant increases in conversions, sales and profits after their explainer videos went viral.

Today, people are always using social media platforms on a regular basis. Explainer videos are found all over sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They provide high rates of user engagement so these sites love them. For you, they can mean an increase in your social media presence. A great explainer video can add not only content to your page, but also personality.

In addition to all of this, an animated or live action explainer video is a great way for auditory and visual customers to find out about you. Many people don’t bother reading content and rather watch videos. While they are watching your company’s explainer video, you are also building up brand awareness. It is one of the best things about explainer videos. They are essential and influential when it comes to developing the awareness of your product or services. Other benefits include improvement in your site’s search engine rankings. Great explainer videos are a powerful SEO tool.

The time to have your own explainer video is now. You can choose to create one yourself using inexpensive or free explainer video software. Some people hire individuals online to create the explainer video for them. However, most companies who want a top rated and well-made explainer video use a 5 star rated video production company. SquareShip is renowned for their success when it comes to video marketing. The options and benefits from using an explainer video are there for you and your startup. The only thing left is to take advantage of them today.