Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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Facebook moves at an incredibly fast pace, and if you stop for even a moment, it’s easy to fall behind. Small business owners are constantly faced with the challenge of creating their own niche in a usually already overcrowded market. With new start-ups sprouting each day and the old players tenaciously protecting their brands, a new entrepreneur can only survive by going the extra mile. This means that their marketing skills have to be above-par and profitable too.

In the recent years, traditional media have now paved way to a modern form and more result-oriented methods such as the use of customized products and most especially, social media. Social media is indispensable in this age and time and Facebook is at the forefront of it. With a whopping 1.23 Billion registered users, Facebook is more than just a platform for sharing cat videos. Practicing the right strategies in Facebook marketing will give your business a major lead. This is through creating an online presence that if well harnessed will convert to numerous customers for your products.

Here are a few tried and tested Facebook marketing tips for small businesses:

  • Follow Facebook Newsroom. Whenever Facebook plans to roll out a new feature, they’ll announce it on their Newsroom blog. This will help you stay up-to-date on newly available or upcoming changes to the Facebook platform. Anything that affects user experience on Facebook (particularly in the Product News category) will affect your marketing.
  • Post engaging content. Whether it’s a Facebook page, group or advert, good content is crucial. Keep in mind that content curation is what results in engagement- what you are after. Ensure that you communicate the personality of your business articulately, giving thorough details on location, contacts and such other info. While talking about your products do not be so hard on selling but rather interact with your fans. Give useful information about your business and add some icing on the cake by giving links to related articles, links to your blog posts or good-quality videos on the subject.
  • Know how to target a specific audience. Not all the billion users on Facebook are interested in your delicious Burritos. To optimize your customer-base you have to run down to the nitty-gritty of your followers. This is by studying their user profiles. Use basic demographics such as age, gender, workplace, education and relationship status to understand whether your product will be suitable to them or not. After doing so you can customize your ads to specific demographics for optimal returns.
  • Use Facebook Analytics. Facebook offers several analytical tools to help you study the insights of your business. By learning the trends and demographics of your network, you’ll be better placed to tailor future status posts, links and visual content to suit your fan-base. Don’t run away from the math.

Facebook marketing is continuously evolving and you have to stay in the loop to keep up with your competitors. Experimentation can especially go a long way with ads — thanks to the new ad campaign structure. Experimenting doesn’t just help you sharpen your Facebook marketing skills – it helps you figure out what will work the best for your business and Facebook marketing goals.

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